Business Auto Insurance

Anyone that drives often knows about the increasing dangers of the road, and especially so if your business utilizes vehicles of any kind on a daily basis. If an accident occurs with a company vehicle, and a lawsuit ensues, you or your employee would be covered by your business auto insurance policy.



What It Does For You

A company may have trucks, vans, cars, and other vehicles that employees need to complete jobs and tasks. Commercial Auto Insurance business auto, also known as BAP, is coverage that can include vehicles leased by the company, people driving who are hired by the company, employee-owned transportations, as well as vehicles the company owns directly. Regardless of the number of commercial vehicles and other vehicles, this insurance can help drivers who are at fault in an accident and injures another party or causes damage to property. The insurance will help cover this sort of issue by filing a claim.

Business Auto Insurance normally offers higher limits and will cover any type of automobile used in the course of your business, taking into account vehicle weight and load capacity. This includes specially equipped vehicles, such as:

  • Snowplows
  • Foodtrucks
  • Hydraulic Lifts
  • Altered Suspension
  • Ladder Racks
  • Permanent Toolboxes
  • Animal Transport Trucks

Another side benefit of having a BAP for your business is the concentration on safety practices, keeping your drivers safer and your premiums reasonable.

Obtaining proper commercial insurance also has some hidden benefits for businesses. Banks and other lenders consider many different factors before giving out a loan. With all the things commercial auto insurance can cover, let’s touch on the things that a commercial policy may not cover. If a company has claims that arise from the operation of mobile equipment, these items and incidents are not covered. A separate Liability coverage insurance is necessary to cover this type of equipment. A company needs to protect itself and its vehicles with a well-implemented insurance policy. Insurance will help cover the costs when property damage occurs and liability claims arise. A business that doe not have insurance is at risk of paying massive sums out-of-pocket if there is a legit legal claim against the company.

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