Life Insurance

You might not want to face it, but you will die someday. Nobody enjoys thinking about their death, but it is inevitable. It is good to plan for the end of your life while you are mentally healthy and able to make decisions. This is why you should buy life insurance as soon as possible, preferably while you are young and healthy.

How Does It Work

Life insurance pays benefits to your beneficiaries when you pass away. If you have family members financially dependent on your income, then your death could leave them financially destroyed. But when you have life insurance, the benefits can supplement the lost income, pay debts and accomplish other financial goals.

When selecting your policy, pay close attention to the term. Not all life insurance policies are the same. Some have a short term of 10 or 15 years, while others remain in place if you are alive. The longer-term policies have a higher premium rate, so you should decide if that is what you want. It is always best to estimate on the higher end when choosing a death benefit amount. You want your beneficiaries to have enough money to fulfill some financial needs.

You should also let your spouse or other family member know about the policy. This is simply so they will know how to proceed once you die. Speaking with an insurance agent from DePolo & Associates is a great way to learn more about life insurance.

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