Umbrella Insurance

Liability insurance is important for businesses and individuals. It helps cover costs when you or your business is found liable for someone else’s injuries or property damage. But in some cases, the liability coverage you have might be insufficient to cover your needs. Umbrella insurance is additional liability coverage to help when your main policy is not enough.

Umbrella Insurance Explained

Liability is usually included in coverage for a home, auto or boat. But it only pays up to a specific stated amount. It is possible that a lawsuit could result in a judgment that exceeds your coverage. If you have an umbrella policy, then it will provide additional coverage up to its limit.

This coverage is beneficial and protects you in two ways. First, it protects you from losing personal assets in a lawsuit. You will not have to sell your belongings to pay the judgment because of the extra support. Second, umbrella coverage pays for things a primary policy excludes, including libel, slander and false arrest claims, and protects rental property as well.

How it Works

If you are facing a lawsuit, then it is possible you will have to pay damages. If your liability pays up to $250,000, but you must pay $300,000 in damages that means you owe $100,000. An umbrella policy would pay some or all the $100,000, depending on your coverage.

Types of Coverage

There is personal and commercial umbrella insurance. Note that umbrella coverage is not the same as excess insurance. This insurance is more like an extension of your primary policy, and usually has the same rules as the primary policy.


Umbrella insurance can save you from losing your personal belongings or finding yourself in bankruptcy. It can also help with claims that might be excluded by your primary policy.

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