Condo Insurance

A condo is a good option for someone who wants their own living space but does not want the worry of maintenance and yard work. Owning a condo is like living in an apartment, but you have more control over your personal space. You also need condo insurance for your personal belongings. There is probably a condo association that has a policy for the main building, but that does not include your living area.

Condo Insurance Explained

In short, this is like property insurance for people who live in condos. It gives you additional coverage to any provided by the condo association. You will have coverage for your items that could be damaged during a natural disaster, fire, or theft.

Condos Policies

Condo insurance is a mix of homeowner’s and renter’s coverage. Personal property coverage is for items like clothing, jewelry, appliances, and electronics. You can also get coverage that will help you recover following theft, vandalism, a flood, or a fire. This goes beyond what a standard association policy would cover.

Injury liability covers anyone that visits and gets hurt with a slip-and-fall or other type of injury inside your condo. This will help you when facing a lawsuit. It might also pay legal fees associated with the case.

Filing a Claim

You will need to file a claim with any supporting evidence requested by the insurer. Your insurance company will decide to accept or deny your claim and then proceed from there.

Condo Insurance Benefits

The benefit of condo insurance is you get coverage for your personal belongings. Theft and vandalism can occur anywhere. There is also the risk of fire or some other mishap. Coverage will help you replace or repair your belongings.

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