Homeowners Insurance

When you purchase a home, it is a smart move to buy homeowners insurance. It provides coverage for several mishaps, such as fire, heavy winds, vandalism, and more. The policy provides financial assistance against any peril specified in the policy. Your policy will cover the building, you and your family, and anyone else injured at your home. You will also have coverage for your personal belongings. It is possible to add additional features. You might be able to obtain additional living expenses, medical payments, and more. But you will have to ask your insurance agent about your options.



Cost and Discounts

You will have to pay a monthly premium. The cost will depend on the location of the home and the deductible. The value of the house, the level of risks that it carries, and the potential replacement costs of the home will be considered as well. You can possibly lower the expense by installing protective features such as security systems and fire alarms. Ask your DePolo & Associates insurance agent about multi-policy discounts, a safe homeowner program, early shopper discounts, and a claims-free discount among others.

Your home is probably your most valuable asset. Protecting it with homeowners insurance is a smart move. It will help you recover following a disaster or mishap that befalls your home.

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